Reflective Pipings & Yarns

Reflective yarns and pipings are not used for safety and certification purposes. Instead the accessories are used for night time effects and for decoration or design purposes.


Y900 SIL Reflective Yarn double sided

Available Widths0,25mm | 0,37mm | 1,00mm
ColourSilver (both sides reflective)
Brightness500 cd.lux/m²
ApplicationRibbons, Shoelaces, etc.
RemarksOther widths available on demand

PIPING Reflective Piping

With our converting capabilities and variety of raw materials, we can produce many different variations of Reflective Pipings. We can supply simple silver pipings, flame retardant pipings, elastic pipings and many others. Is even possible to have the pipings with print or laser engraved designs. Just contact us with your specific needs.