Printed Reflective Materials

We can supply fully EN ISO 20471 compliant reflective materials with the design you like. The design can be printed in one or two colours, engraved with great details, or cut to formats and patterns you need. We also supply ready-made multicoloured reflective logos or logos made to a high detail level.

EN ISO 20471 and/or EN 469 Chess pattern Reflective material

Chess pattern reflective material is available in standard patterns. Depending on needs and usage areas, the reflective material can be EN ISO 20471 certified (fx. green chess pattern)
and/or EN 469 certified (fx. red chess pattern). There are two standard patterns for 50 mm wide reflective bands (either two squares high or four squares high). Get in contact to find the best solution for your needs.


EN ISO 20471 and/or EN 469 Printed Reflective material

We print logos and patterns onto reflective materials (sew-on or heat-transfer). Up to two colours can be used at the same time. Reflective bands with print are possible to certify EN ISO 20471 and/or EN 469. The only thing we need is a vectored file (EPS) or PDF with the logo, pattern or text you have in mind. Get in contact and share your ideas!